Happy Dog FAQ

I’d love to learn more about Happy Dog services. How do I get started as a new client?

Simply fill out the quick form on our Contact page, provide brief details about yourself, your pet, and what you’re looking for from Happy Dog. We’ll be in touch soon!

What is the process before I can begin using Happy Dog services?

The first step in our process is a meet & greet at your place where we can meet you and your pet(s), get more detailed information about your pet(s) and the services you would like, and you can make sure that you are comfortable with Happy Dog. This usually runs about 30 minutes.

Because many clients are ready to start requesting walks and/or pet sitting soon after the meet & greet, we advise having copies of your keys ready in the event you decide to move forward. We kindly ask for a minimum of two keys (or whatever is necessary to access your residence, including key FOBs). See more on our key policy below.

How will the dog walkers and pet sitters get access to my house? What is your key policy?

We kindly ask that clients provide us with two copies of keys (and/or whatever is necessary to access the residence, including key FOBs) at the meet & greet, as it is common for clients to request dog walking or pet sitting services shortly after that initial meeting. Some clients choose to use a lock box to securely leave their key on the premises, or, if they reside in a building with 24/7 concierge, to arrange an agreement with their property manager to hold their keys at the front desk and distribute to Happy Dog team members as needed. We would be happy to discuss these and other options with you if you prefer, or are unable to obtain copies of your house keys.

Most clients know if they are prepared to move forward after the initial meet & greet; if, however, you are interviewing other pet care services and need more time, we can easily arrange for you to drop off your keys with an executive team member prior to your first Happy Dog service request.

We will gladly return to pick up new/replacement keys at any time, however there will be a $10 charge for any key pick-ups subsequent to the initial meet & greet.

We will never make a copy of your key without prior authorization.

What is Time to Pet, and how do I access it?

Time to Pet is online pet-sitting software and is our one-stop shop for all our clients’ needs! When you join Happy Dog, you will be sent an email to activate your new Time to Pet account. From there, you can update your info (human & pet), request services and make payments directly from the Time to Pet App or the Time to Pet desktop portal. You’ll also get real-time updates, pictures and visit report cards after each event, and can communicate with Happy Dog team members directly through the conversation and messaging tab.

Where do I request dog walking or pet sitting services?

Services are requested directly through the Time to Pet App or desktop portal. For more information on scheduling through the app, please click here. For more information on scheduling through the desktop portal, please click here.

How far in advance do I need to request services?

To ensure that we are able to accommodate your needs, we ask that you request your services at least 48 hours in advance. However, any services requested with a minimum of 12+ hours prior notice will not incur any additional charges. Requests submitted within 12 hours of the desired service, if we are able to accommodate, would be charged a $10 late request fee.

What if I need to cancel or change a scheduled dog walking or pet sitting service?

Cancellations and/or changes to scheduled services can be requested directly through the Time to Pet Schedule tab. Cancellations requested 12 hours or more in advance of the scheduled service will be credited to your account for future use. Cancellations requested within 12 hours of the service are non-refundable.

For more information about requesting a cancellation or change to a scheduled service through the Time to Pet app, click here; for information on doing so through the Time to Pet desktop portal, click here.

How do I pay my invoice?

As soon as you receive notification that your requested services have been confirmed, you can view and pay your invoice via the Time to Pet App or desktop portal. Payment is made online, and can be by either a credit card, debit card, or ACH. To learn more about making payments via the Time to Pet app, click here; for information on doing so through the desktop portal, click here.

Happy Dog is a pre-paid service: scheduled dog walks and pet sitting must be paid in advance of first visit.

Where can I find your rates?

Happy Dog pet sitting and dog walking rates are listed and kept up-to-date on the Services page of our website.

What areas of Baltimore City and/or Baltimore County do you serve?

The areas we currently serve, or have serviced in the past, are listed on the homepage of the Happy Dog website. If you do not see your neighborhood listed, please reach out using the Contact page and we will let you know if we are able to accommodate you and your pet(s).

Do you charge extra per pet?

The first two pets are included in the stated rate. Additional pets will be a $5 charge per pet, per service.

How do I get in touch with Happy Dog?

The best way to get in touch with us in through the Conversation tab in the Time to Pet App or desktop portal. Using this feature to communicate is the best way to ensure that any important information needed to get to the team member caring for your pet(s) is relayed. Email is not recommended for communicating with our dog walkers and pet sitters.

For concerns related to billing and invoicing we encourage you to utilize the “Private” section of the Conversation tab.

For all other matters, you can email us any time at info@happydogbaltimore.com.

Will my pet(s) have the same walker or sitter every time?

Here at Happy Dog we strive for consistent pairings, as it is preferred for both the pets and our team members; we also generally align our clients and our team based on shared geographical location within the city. So yes, if you frequently request Happy Dog services (i.e., weekly) your pet(s) will likely be visited by the same 1-3 team members on a regular basis. However, our team members’ availability can change from time to time and we cannot *guarantee* any particular team member will be available to you 100% of the time.

Can I meet the dog walker or pet sitter caring for my pup and/or kitties?

Of course! Let us know and we would be happy to schedule time for you and your pets’ primary Happy Dog team member(s) to meet.

What if we move, change jobs, etc. and no longer need Happy Dog services?

We’d be so sad to see you go! But of course we understand. Just drop us a line via the Conversation section of the Time to Pet App or desktop portal, or to info@happydogbaltimore.com, and let us know. Keys will be returned upon request only.