Dating Is Hard Enough. Here’s What Happens When You Add a Dog.

"The dog peed in the house every time the guy came over," and other tales from single pet parents.

Happy dog is always staying in the know of the pet industry. We recently discovered this article while reading the pet section of the Washingtonian Magazine and boy does it resonate! Enjoy and please feel free to share your stories in the comment section below! Happy dating!

Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility, even with a partner who doesn’t mind cleaning up poop and vacuuming hair off the sofa. But what if you’re a single dog parent—walker and feeder, disciplinarian and cuddler—who’s also trying to maintain a love life?

“When you first get a dog, your dating life comes to a screeching halt,” says Adrian Gianforti, 33, citing all the responsibilities that suddenly take priority over happy hours and Tinder meetups.

One 28-year-old DC lawyer (who requested anonymity) says her Boston terrier, Riley, disliked a former flame so much that the dog peed in the house every time the guy came over.

Priscilla Cooney, 37, is in a relationship now, but during her years of solo parenting, her dog Marley ignored the men she didn’t approve of—a clear signal to Cooney to move on.

Still, the women agree that coming home to a furball who’s always happy to see you makes any romantic roadblocks worthwhile. Hookups come and go, but a dog is forever loyal, says Gianforti: “It’s this unconditional love.” (Click here to read full article).