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  • Holiday 2016 Gift Guide: 14 Purr-fect Presents For Pets

    It’s okay to be an animal lover and still think it’s the tiniest bit crazy to pretend Buckles understands the nuances of holiday giving. But when you give a give a gift to someone’s pet, you’re really saying, “I love you” to the person associated with said pet. Even if it’s you, yourself: According to the PwC Holiday Outlook, the average shopper will spend $62 on their pets this holiday season (for Millennials, that goes up to $81). And let’s face it, this year, in the wake of the election, animals came out a lot more sane than people did, and had to lick our fat salty tears. Our pets deserve all of this, and more.

    Tell me your dog doesn’t need this sweater, and I’ll tell you you’re missing out. (Photo:

    “Mom” tattoo dog sweater: Who knows when your dog might get invited to an ugly sweater party? Also, an excellent ice-breaker at the dog park. $32.99-$46.99.

    Click here to read this full Forbes article for more info on great holiday pet gifts!



  • Benefits of Pet Sitting

    Vacation time is the best time of the year! Except for one downside…leaving your furry best friend behind. One way to make this separation as painless as possible is to leave your pet in good hands. Here are some reasons why using a Professional Pet Sitting company like Happy Dog is the best option for you and your pet.

    1. Our services are totally customizable. Want someone to spend the night? We can! Worried maybe your dog needs some more exercise while you are gone? Upgrade some of your visits to dog runs! Happy Dog is willing to work with you to make sure your dog gets the best possible care to fit their individual needs.

    2. We give plenty of individual love and personal attention. We only work with one household at a time. Unlike in a kennel or daycare facility, your dog doesn’t have to compete with other dogs for attention.

    3. Your leaving is stressful on your pet! Dropping them off in a foreign environment can only make things even more stressful for them. In-home pet sitting allows your dog to stay in a comforting and familiar environment while you are away.

    4. Unlike your friends and family, we're insured and bonded! You can rest assured we are professionals and your pets will recieve the highest quality of care.

    5. Let’s be honest. Sometimes our pets can be a handful! By using a professional company, you don’t have to worry about inconveniencing family and friends.

    6. By leaving your pet at home, you can ensure they stay healthy. Boarding facilities can sometimes expose your animals to illnesses and parasites. We can also keep them on their normal walking and mealtime routines.

    7. We love your pet, and they know us! Unlike other facilities who might have various different staff members coming and going, Happy Dog has a small team. We get to know your dog and all of their little quirks. You can rest easy knowing they are in good hands. Happy Dog also offers picture updates on your personalized Happy Dog Photo Journal, so that you can feel closer to your pet while you are away.



  • Great Gift Ideas This Year for Your Pet and Pet-Loving Friends!

    1. Tagg The Pet Tracker

    This is a great gift for your pet or a friend with a pet. It is a GPS Tracker you can attach to your pet’s collar. This will show you exactly where your pet is on the map if they ever get lost. The tracker cost $100 with a monthly fee of $8.

    2. The Buster Dog Maze Food Bowl

    Does your dog scarf down his or her food in 2 seconds? Try getting them this food bowl! The food falls into a maze so the dog not only takes a longer time to eat it, but this presents a fun and interactive challenge for your dog! Plus, it can cut down on your dog getting sick from eating too fast. The bowl is $25.

    3. Cooling Mat

    During those hot summer days your dog or cat will be thanking you for his purchase. This is a puncture proof gel mat that stays 5 degrees cooler than the rest of the surfaces in your house. This way your dog will have a nice spot to cool down on after walks and runs. Price varies by size.

    4. A Pet Hair Vacuum

    There are lots of new vacuums on the market that have special technology to pick up all of that pet hair on all types of surfaces. Consumer Reports recommended the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet UH30310. Prices vary by brand.

    5. The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree

    Is your cat constantly climbing on things and trying to jump on your shelves? Then this is purrrrfect for them! The best part is that you can hardly tell it’s for a cat. This will help satisfy your cat’s desire to climb and be up high. Priced at $134.

    6. Snowsuit for your dog

    Some dogs could care less about the winter weather, but we know some dogs are shivering and shaking out there. If your dog is a smaller dog or has a thinner coat, this may be a smart purchase for them. It is a water proof and cozy suit for your dog that can keep them keep warm and dry in the snow and rain! Prices vary by brand and size of suit.

    7. Subscription to BarkBox

    BarkBox delivers high quality toys and treats to your front door step monthly! Just imagine how much fun it will be opening this box together every month with your dog and being suprised by what you find inside! You can get a 1 month, 3 month, or 6 month subscription. BarkBox will also customize these boxes to fit your dog's size. This is a great gift for your pet or a friend. And the best part is that a percentage of the proceeds goes to rescues. Prices vary by subscription and dog's size.



  • Preparing a Thanksgiving Feast for Your Pet!

    If your pet is notorious for begging for table food, then here is a way to make sure they are safe and happy on Thanksgiving. It is important to be careful about what you feed your cat or dog, since some foods can make them sick. Here are a few foods that are safe for your pet to have in moderation.


    It is so okay to allow your cat or dog to have a small portion of Turkey breast. However, it is very important that the Turkey is cooked and boneless. Uncooked turkey could carry harmful bacteria and bones can splinter in your pet’s stomach causing possible sickness and injury.

    Green Beans!!

    Plain green beans are a safe and nutritious treat for your pet.


    Pumpkin is actually quite good for your dog. It helps to regulate the digestive system.


    A plain mashed potato, before butter and salt are added is perfectly safe for your dog to eat.


    Cranberries are actually healthy for your pet’s urinary system. Just make sure they are all natural with no sugar added.

    Another great tip is to give these foods to your pet as their own little feast inside of a Kong toy. If you have a pet that you know will be bothering your guests for table scraps, it is safer to give them their own little meal to distract them. This way one of your family members won’t potentially give your pet something that is harmful for them. It also helps to freeze the food inside of the Kong toy. This way it will take your pet a little longer to get it all out, leaving you with a peaceful family gathering.

    Happy Dog wishes you and your pet a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving feast!


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  • Halloween Safety Tips for Pets!

    Happy Dog wants you and your pet to be safe on Halloween! Here are some important tips that can help ensure your pet’s safety.

    - Be careful to not let your dog get his paws on any of those treats! Especially chocolate is very dangerous for dogs. Also, be careful when walking your dog the day after Halloween. Sometimes pieces of candy may be on the side walk.

    - Be careful if you have put up Halloween decorations that your cat and dog can’t chew on them and potentially choke or get sick.

    - Even though dressing up your pet can be very cute, not all dogs and cats enjoy costumes. Make sure that your pet is comfortable and both safe in their costume. Look out for too much itching since some fabrics can irritate your pet’s skin.

    - If you have a dog that isn’t good with children, be sure that your dog is safely secured if you take them out for a walk during trick-or-treating hours. It is best to limit the time of the walk and avoid taking them out unless neccessary.

    - If you are handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, make sure that when you are opening the door that your dog or cat can’t run out. If your pet regularly feels anxiety about new visitors, it may be best to keep them in a separate room for their safety and the safety of the trick-or-treaters.

    - Be sure that your dog is wearing a collar with their ID tags. If you are handing out candy, you will be opening the door much more than usual, meaning there is a much higher chance of your dog or cat getting out.

    - Be sure to supervise your dog or cat around lit pumpkins. Pets can get curious and knock them over, creating a fire-hazard.

    - Keep your outdoor cats inside during Halloween. Black cats are especially at risk from pranks or other cruelty-related incidents. In fact, many shelters do not adopt out black cats during the month of October as a safety precaution.

    Happy Dog wishes you a safe and happy Halloween with your pet!

    Sources: PetMD, BARCS



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